Projects for 2023

The main and ongoing project is Reflect. A brief plan for Reflect can be found here along with the current information about Reflect including goals achieved. Reflect was planned to be retired in early 2022 however with slash commands being implemented Reflect was re-coded into JavaScript between January and March. Reflect was then launched on the 17th March before the then set deadline by Discord of April 2022 which has now been pushed back to August 2022. Some commands have been been removed as they were not used previously.

A project that was started in July 2019 was Reflex. Reflex previously was the support bot on RC’s servers. Currently it holds information and links to python related subjects. As of this time there are no plans to migrate Reflex to JavaScript.

The last Project that is on the side for the later months of 2022 is to get the WarHawk Development bot up and running with more commands, in particular with slash commands. The bot is planned to be migrated over to slash commands in November/December 2023. This is to incorporate a few commands from all WHD bots, to give users an idea of what they are getting before they add a certain bot to their server. Unfortunately that means WarHawk Dev will possibly stop running python however has announced they may be doing slash commands soon so users may be able to see both scripts running. WarHawk Dev bot will always be locked down to servers owned by RC_2001#5159 or WarHawk Development.



This page will be updated as more projects come out.