Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a discord bot?

A: If you’re here most likely you know what one is. For those of you that do not know, a discord bot can be really anything you would like it to be the only thing limiting you is your imagination. Some bots are multipurpose like Reflect in which they will do fun commands, moderation and other tasks. Other bots you can get as an example are music bots in which you can play a song through YouTube and the bot will join the voice channel and play it as if it was a regular user speaking.


Q: What are slash commands?

A: In recent months Discord have introduced Slash Commands into the  Discord client. The idea being that this feature will make it easier to navigate help menus. More information from Discord can be found here.


Q: Where can i find the Global Ban Policy?

A: You can find the policy here along with FAQs for this specific topic.


Q: Do the bots ever go offline?

A: The bots all go offline for server updates on Friday’s between 8pm and 11pm GMT. You will get notified in #updates-announcements on the server at least 24 hours before. You will also be notified 24 hours before for any maintenance that may be carried out during that time.


Q: How do I make a suggestion?

A: If you would like to make a suggestion for Reflect you can do R$suggest. If that doesn’t work or you would like to make a suggestion for any other bot join the support server and request it in #support.


Q: How do I join the support server?

A: You can either join from the invite link or if you have Reflect on your server by doing /invite.


Q: The bot won’t reply to anything!

A: Firstly, check the bot is online and it says the version. (e.x watching for /commands | 86 servers). Secondly, check the bot has all the permissions it needs. For testing purposes, you can give it the administrator permission and see if it can reply. Lastly join the support server and check #support just in case any other users have the same problem. If no else has the issue then please provide us with what command(s) you were using and possibly screenshots. If everything looks fine server side a Technician will ask you to direct message them the link for the server so they can take a look. Please be aware they may need moderator permissions to view the bots permissions. Only users with the Technicians role are qualified to investigate Reflect on your server. They will not touch roles nor touch channels while on the server. If you would like the owner (RC_2001#5159) to take a look please ask in the support channel.


Q: The bots are offline!

A: If the bots appear to be offline please allow up to 30 minutes before asking in the support server as we aim to let you know as soon as possible. Generally an announcement will be made for users as well as an update on our status page.


Q: Can we donate to WarHawk Development?

A: As of this moment in time you cannot donate as we do not have any locked features that require it.


Q: How do I get a bot of yours on my server which is locked down to certain servers?

A: On the support server just tag @RC_2001#5159 about it in #support. He will then speak to you about your intentions of using the bot.


Q: How do I setup Reflect?

A: Here is a link to Reflect’s setup page.


Any other questions that haven’t been answered here?

Ask them on the support server in #support!


Disclaimer Please refrain from contacting the owner(s) of any bots and instead ask in #support so if any other users have the same issue they can see how it was resolved. if it is a common question it will be added here.