If you are viewing this page then you are probably looking at reporting a user to be globally banned on any server Reflect is on, for mainly doing something illegal.  This will only work on servers that have not opted out to the globalban feature.




Q: Why make the Global Ban Policy public?

A: The reason why WarHawk Development have decided to make the global policy public is to give the owners and staff of servers we serve a level of reassurance and trust that we are doing everything correctly without abuse. For some clarity, in the past couple years there have been some bots around on Discord that did do global bans. Some had strict policies of what constitutes a global ban and what doesn’t however some did not or allowed users to use the global ban feature which resulted in some levels of abuse taking place. In the second and third quarters of 2021 users on the support server could see global bans being carried out by Reflect but didn’t know the reason. This lead to a lot of servers having global bans off in fear of abuse. In the fourth and last quarter of 2021 we introduced screenshots of why users were banned and added reasons if we had to blur anything out with NSFW spoiler warnings depending on the severity. These would look like “TRIGGER WARNING:”. In the first quarter of 2022 we are unable to add spoilers to pictures or add any sort of trigger warning due to how the global bans take place on Reflect. The channel was also was marked as NSFW with a warning going out to all users on the server prior to only click on it if they were over the legal age of eighteen (this may differ in different countries / states).


Q: Who can globally ban a user?

A: The only person that can globally ban a user is the bot owner.


Q: What constitutes of something being illegal?

A: In short, anything that is against the terms of service for Discord, laws of the United Kingdom or laws of the United States of America.


Q: What does a user have to do to be globally banned?

A: In the past 12 months users globally banned by Reflect have been found organizing raids against other discord servers, participating or promoting servers that contain CP (Child Pornography) or being caught at participating in pedophilia activities for example asking underage users for NSFW content, all of which are illegal worldwide and against Discord’s Terms of Service or Discord’s Guidelines (All links will take you to Discord’s official pages, if you hover over them the true link will display in the bottom left hand corner of your browser if unsure).


Q: What can not be global banned?

A: We do not global ban users unless they pose a serious threat to users on Discord servers such as the above examples. If it is something that only affects yourself and/or another member please contact Discord Support directly (quick link: https://dis.gd/request).


Q: Can a user be globally unbanned?

A: A user can be globally unbanned from being globally banned however this is only available if there is a legitimate reason for them to be globally unbanned. This is decided on a case by case basis.


Q: Will users be able to see reports that come into Reflect in the future?

A: The plan at the moment is to invite a Verified user in the NSFW community either a staff member or a owner whether they have Reflect on their server or not to view how the process begins and ends. This is so they have clarity that no abuse is taking place and also may help owners make the choice if they would like Reflect on their server(s).


The process for globally banning a user is quite simple however it is required before any action can be taken against a user. Please make sure to have all the correct facts before reporting the user to us. The process may take up to a couple hours as this has to be carried out by the bot owner.

We require the following information before a global ban can take place.

  1. Users Discord ID. This can be found once developer mode has been activated. If you are unsure how to turn that on please follow this link to an Discord article about it.
  2. Where did it take place (Direct Messages / Server)?
  3. Do you have any screenshots available? If the screenshots show anything graphic other than text please blur the image prior to sending. If the image shows up in your staff logs channel please provide the message link. A staff member will then reach out to you for permissions to see the message link in your logs channel. This will help determine if the user does need to be globally banned.

To submit a globalban request please follow the steps in the setup guide. Please then provide the above information. Please also make sure to join the support server so if we need to contact you we can.

Once the above is sent to us we can make the decision if it is globalban worthy or if it’s best for you to ban them just on your server. If you do report a user to us please also get the message link and report them to Discord so the user can be removed from the platform for good.