Below is a list of all the commands Reflect has.

While the transition is taking place the old command names will be to the left of the new ones where applicable to make it more simpler for everyone.


General Commands

Utility Commands

Moderation Commands

Fun Commands

Guild (server) Commands

Admin Commands

Owner Commands

General Commands

Was R$help | /help – Shows the Help menu.

Utility Commands

Was R$help | /help – Shows the Help menu.

Was R$about | /info – Displays info about the bot or development of the bot.

Was R$ping | /ping – Displays the latency of the bot.

Was R$suggest | /report – Sends a message to the support server so a developer can look into the issue.

Was R$botinfo (bot) | /server – Displays information about the bots server.

Was R$permissions | /check-permissions – Check the permissions of the bot.

Was R$userinfo (ui) | /whois – Displays the users information.

Was R$remind | /set-reminder – Displays an option for time, title, message and where to send the reminder to (server or DMs).

War R$reminder list | /get-reminders – Gets a list of active reminders along with the ID for those.

Was R$reminder cancel | /cancel-reminder – Cancels a reminder using the ID.

Was R$spotify | /spotify – Displays what you are listening to. Also displays what a member of the server is listening to if you mention them along with /spotify (/spotify target:@user)

Was R$afk | /afk – Mark yourself with a reason when going afk. To enable /afk > reason “xyz” > auto remove yes / no if you type in a channel > Enter > Confirm. To remove type /afk > Confirm.

Moderation Commands

Was R$ban | /ban – Bans a user.

Was R$unban | /unban – Unbans a user using their 17-18 digit ID once they have apologised.

/banlist – Displays a list of all the users banned in the guild the command is ran.

Was R$kick | /kick – Kicks a user.

/mute – Adds the muted role to a user.

/unmute – Removes the muted role from a user.

Was R$warn | /warn – Warns a user and logs the warning with reason.

Was R$unwarn | /unwarn – Delete a warning using the case ID number from the logging channel.

/check-moderations – Displays previous moderation actions sued by a staff member for a given user or self.

Was R$modlogs | /check-infractions – Displays previous infractions for a given user or self.

Fun Commands

/meme – Displays a random meme from Reddit or you can search for a meme.

Was R$hug, slap, etc | /action – Displays a list of actions such as hug, slap, pat, kiss, tickle, dropkick, punch, push, facepalm, stare, bite, wave & kill that can be used with another user.

Guild (server) Commands

/channels – Displays how many channels the guild has and what they are.

Was R$serverinfo (si) | /serverinfo – Displays information about a guild.

Was R$users | /member-info – Displays how many members are on your guild and their statues.

Guild Admin Commands

/set-auto-kick – Set how many warnings before the bot auto kicks the user.

/set-auto-role – Set a default role for when a user joins the server.

/set-log-channel – Set the log channel where users warns, kicks and bans need to be sent to.

/set-mute-role – Set a role to give to users when you need them to stop talking.

Owner Commands

Was R$globalban | /global-ban – If a user posts anything that violates our GlobalBan Policy they will be globally banned from all servers Reflect is on and has ban permissions for. All users that have been banned are displayed in global infractions on the support server along with reasons and imagery although blurred.

Was R$globanunban | /global-unban – Unbans a globally banned user.

/global-banlist – Displays a list of all the users that have been globally banned by Reflect using their ID and displaying reasons why.

/rdev – Displays a list of functions for bot developers to use.

Disclaimer: This page will be updated as more items get added where the user may need help.