All of Reflex’s current commands.


General Commands

re.about – Displays a link to learn about my owner. – Displays a link to a form where you can make suggestions for the bot as well as give feedback. – Displays the latency of the bot. This feature also displays the acknowledgement time – Displays a link to the bots support server.


Fun Commands

re.tias – Try is and see.

re.honey – Displays a command for the server staff. Anyone can use it.

re.lift – Do you even lift?

re.ohshit – oh shit.

re.snap – Reflex survived during the snap?


Owner Commands

re.ready – Owner command.


Coding Commands

re.errors – Displays a link to the list of commands API errors.

re.reqs – Displays a list of all the requirements to run all the WarHawk Development bots.

re.checks – Displays a list of checks that can be added to commands

re.markdowncode – Displays a list of markdown code that can be used in the actual code.

re.exec – Owner command.

re.unicode – Displays a list of Unicode emojis.



Reflex is used as a testing bot for testing different commands/features. The commands listed above will be on the bot all year round until the WarHawk Development staff decide to take them off.